Guidelines for the submission of abstracts

1.All abstracts should be submitted before 18.00 hours on Saturday, 07th October 2017. Abstracts can be submitted online (link is available in the SLAUS website) or by hand to the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka at No 06, Independence Avenue, Colombo 07. Late entries will not be accepted.
2.The abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by referees. The correspondingauthor will be informed of the results by e-mail.
3.The presenting author is required to register for the sessions by 02nd November2017.
4.All abstracts must be submitted according to the instructions provided onthe Sri Lanka Association of Urological Surgeons website.
5.Abstracts should not exceed more than 250 words. Those exceeding this limit will be rejected.
6.Abstracts should be in the following format:
a)Introduction b) Methods c) Results d) Discussion and conclusions.
7.Names of authors should be entered in the following format: Initials followed bysurname (without punctuation) e.g. P R Anthonis or first name followed bysurname e.g. Tony Gabriel
8.Only recognized and commonly used abbreviations / acronyms are acceptable.
9.Abstract should be in Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.5 lines.
10.Tables and graphics should be avoided and included only if absolutely essentialto the message conveyed by the abstract. When submitted they should beincluded as attachments.
11.All the selected abstracts will be published in the Abstract book of the AnnualAcademic Sessions. The Sri Lanka Association of Urological Surgeons reservesthe right to make minor alterations/ editing of text to fit the format
12.If the abstract has been previously presented or published, in whole or in part,this should be stated clearly at submission. This does not disqualify acceptance ofthe abstract.
13.All the selected abstracts will be displayed as e-posters on 02nd and 03rd at thevenue of the Sessions.
14.The three best chosen e-posters should be presented as oral presentations at theTrainees Forum of the Academic Sessions. Each will be allowed 10 minutes forpresentation followed by 5 minutes for discussion. The best presentation will beselected by a panel of referees and will be awarded.